Safe Conduct
 Amor Humano is a body of work that explores the issue of violence against women using femicide cases in Peru (the artists place of birth) as a starting point, as well as the sounds, rituals and aesthetics that are present in the Huayno culture, a genre of music from the Andean region of Peru and Bolivia.  On August 3, 2017, Iván Sikic (Lima, 1983) carried out a collaborative action in the Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) Cemetery, located in Villa Maria del Triunfo, in Lima, Peru.  One part ritual, one part performance and one part procession, the work was carried out by 5 female dancers, a local Huayno orchestra made up of 7 musicians and a Master of Ceremony who walked alongside the musicians and dancers while these made their way through the cemetery to the tune of the ‘Tunantada’, while the dancers wore traditional outfits that were complemented by embossed hand embroidered capes designed by the artist, in collaboration with local artisans.  This procession, and its many elements that were a part of it, was a homage to those who have suffered or lost their lives for the sole reason of having been born women.  Each one of the 5 capes worn by the dancers, carry with them the dates, cities and names of women (taken from local newspaper clippings) who were murdered at the hands of their lovers. At the same time, the Master of Ceremony who joined the procession, read out the names of 150 women from all over the world who have also died as a consequence to this type of violence.
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