Iván Sikic is a conceptual & performance artist who explores social structures, multiculturalism, the passing of time and audience immersion.

Sikic’s practice moves between durational performance, site specific projects, installation and object creation. For the most part, his works are a direct response to current themes & events that are present in news media outlets, social media and on the streets.

While his works are highly conceptual and charged with meaning, he uses direct and indirect metaphors in order to draw attention to and question subject matters that are affecting our daily lives in ways that, to him, should not be. The invitation to an unbiased and paused reflection from simple yet poetically loaded elements is Sikic’s preferred strategy, who has also uses durational performance to approach his works.

His incisive manner of questioning the context, cultures and conflicts around him through his pieces has garnered global interest, has had viral repercussions and has been covered by media around the world, including Artishock (Chile), El Comercio (Peru), The Creators ProjectArtnet NewsArt Report (NY), El Cultural (Diario El Mundo, Spain) VICE Colombia (Colombia) MAKMA (Spain), High on Art, Heavy on Antics MagazineBOOOOOOM! (Canada), UrdesignZeutch (France), Be-Street (France), ABCLa Vanguardia, (Spain), Ara (Catalunya), F5 (Poland), Radio Televisión Española (Spain), Trendhunter (Canada) Fast Company (USA), Designboom Español,  O Globo (Brazil) , The Huffington Post (USA), amongst others.

He completed his post-graduate studies at the Victorian College of the Arts (where he received the Orloff Award for Excellence). He has presented work attended residencies, and has works in private collections across Australia, Europe, the USA and Latin America.

His current works in progress and process can be followed through Instagram and Facebook.

Iván Sikic is currently based in Brooklyn, NY,


'Trashed', New York, 2016.

'Trashed', New York, 2016.