I make work about things I believe to be unfair in the world that surrounds me and that I feel need to be discussed more:

Being an immigrant, Violence against Women, the destruction of our natural resources for the sake of greed, mass consumerism, inequality and the unfair treatment towards those society has deemed 'less worthy' for the simple fact that they didn't win the 'birth lottery'.

I have responded to the themes above through durational performance, installation, public activations, sculpture and photography.

Focusing on the beauty rather than the trauma that surrounds the themes I interrogate tends to be my go-to modus operandi when creating work.

I have shown work and attended residencies in the USA, Europe, Latin America and Australia, and my work has drawn some broader press coverage.

I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY.



 'Trashed', New York, 2016.

'Trashed', New York, 2016.